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Well, I just finished a month long project for Spartan Games called A Month in the Uncharted Seas. It was a LOT of fun . . . and a LOT of work, too. Neil called me last month and asked if I would be interested in doing a web-based project that would focus on the Uncharted Seas, getting its new, updated rulebook this month, for an entire month on the website. We went back and forth over the format, but it was always up to me how to structure it, and marks the largest project I've worked on for anyone yet . . . that I can talk about :)

The month of articles took the form of four weeks of work, with each week starting with a short story that would set the stage or move the narrative forward from betwen battles, then a blog entry explaining the real-world events of that week with my players, our painting work, etc. Then would be a 'Captain of Renown', a concept they've been trying to put out for awhile now, where each race has 'Special Characters' that will convey cool new rules on their fleets. Then would be one of my narrative battle reports with pictures taken by the Sherpa himself, Jeremy Turner. And finally, the actual mission that we focused on that week. The thought would be that we could enrich the Uncharted Seas world, provide some cool new elements in the Captains of Renown, AND offer up a short linked-mission campaign that folks could play on their own.

Well, we're done, the last element went up today, here.

If you're reading this . . . well, then you at least cared enough to find me here! :) Please go ahead on over to the spartan website and check it out and let me know what you think! And if you like it, please let Spartan know that! Go to the Spartan Community Uncharted Seas forum and sound off! :)

With the completion of this project I've got a little breathing room before I start smacking the keyboard around again (just finished my latest FFG project, as yet unannounced, in the middle of the Month in the Uncharted Seas project) . . . but I'm hoping to jump in soon!

Currently I've got several more companies now offering me work, and find myself in the very exciting (but unfortunate at the same time) position of having to say no to writing jobs . . . which is a situation I never even DREAMED I'd find myself in, a year ago!



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