Friday, August 26, 2011

Mea Culpa!

Well, if anyone's still checking this blog at all, I've got to apologize for the Looooooooonnnnnnnggggggg and unforeseen hiatus.

Soon after my last post I actually received my first free lance writing jobs, dream come true! Unfortunately, the first job, writing summaries of every race, both core races and allies, for the Spartan  Games space ship combat game Firestorm: Armada, proved a VERY big challenge. I basically wrote 19 articles in 10 days. It was awesome, and I am GREATLY appreciative of the chance Neil and friends over at Spartan took on me. Since I've been writing for them non-stop since then, I have to assume they liked what they saw! :)

If you'd like to check out that first assignment, just head on over here and look at any of those articles along the right hand margin.

I've been writing a lot since then, but can't talk yet about what, or where it will show up.

Right after Neil took a chance on me, Fantasy Flight Games offered me the chance to take their Writing for Warhammer 40,000 assessment, an awesome exercise in fluff and fun, I think it was 13 fluff questions to be answered in fun, fluffy ways! I did that, and soon after received my first offer of a test assignment for them! So, I've been writing non-stop all summer long for both Spartan Games and Fantasy Flight. Can't talk about the FFG assignment yet, but it has been a blast to work with Gaming Luminary Tim Huckelbery and the whole 40K RPG staff over at FFG! Good luck to Ross Watson, who got the ball rolling for me, and who is now moving on to be the 40K Fluff Guru for the upcoming 40K MMORPG!

Anyway, that's where I'VE been this summer. No modeling, very little gaming, as I spent most of my non-writing time with my family up at lake Winnipesaukee. GenCon was awesome, and Karen and I spent a few days in NYC, taking in the sites, playing some games, and seeing a couple movies and of course, Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark . . . which was WONDERFULLY awful! :)

And so that's why this Blog has not seen the light of day in several months! I will be trying to get to it a little more frequently, and change up the front page a little bit to make it a little less intimidating to update.

I've got a couple ideas for immediate posts that will provide a bit of content. I'm afraid the Wierd West story is on hold until a sizable chunk of free time presents itself, but until the, I'll let you know when my writing becomes available in other places. And how exciting is it to be able to say that! :)

So, until I jump back on here, Sliante, Suckers! :)



  1. Congratulations, Craig. Getting paid (I'm assuming) to work this hard on something that you really enjoy must be very rewarding.

    Worry not about your loyal fans, languishing neglected out here on the Intertubes. Those of us who have subscribed to this blog via RSS will patiently wait for your missives to appear within the noise of our aggregators.

    Good luck with your work, and with your continuing adventures in fatherhood.