Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Infinite Apologies!

Wow . . . September . . . that's TOO long . . .

Anyway, ironically enough I don't have a lot of time, but I DO intend to update more often (again, and with the best of intentions . . . ) . . . but for right now, a QUICK update:

Just got back from Australia and New Zealand. LOVED both countries, both completely lived up to a lifetime's expectations, and I hope to visit them both again someday. Some pictures, hopefully, will be forthcoming when I get some of that elusive free time.

Writing: My latest endeavor has finally appeared, at the Spartan Games website. A short story I wrote for all the folks who donated to my team for the Extra Life fund raiser, featuring Angelo, the top donor, as the main character, but also featuring every other donor who gave their name as well. It was accompanied by a painting by Spartan Sally, of Angelo as the character from the story.

It can be found here.

Also, I can now speak (briefly, again) about my efforts with Fantasy Flight Games. The Koronus Bestiary which will be/is available soon was my first efforts with them, over the summer. I translated most of the Eldar troop choices from 40K into 40K Roleplay via Rogue Trader . . . including the awesome Shadow Spectres . . . how cool is that?!? This one should be available in March or April. More info can be found here.

My next Fantasy Flight job was with the first of the Black Crusade supplements: Tome of Fate. An awesome book that includes material for both players and GMs, the Tomes series will each focus on a single Chaos god, starting, of course, with Tzeentch! :)  I LOVE me some Architect of Fate, so I was SUPER excited to be offered this chance. Also, this was my first chance to venture away from building NPC stats (although I DID get a chance to stat up some standard daemons to fill in the gaps, AND to create a brandy new Daemonic Herald! :) And finally more info on that can be found here.

While I was doing that I was working on a HUGE project for Spartan Games that I can't talk about right now, but I just received word that it should hit shelves around May 2012 . . . and if that happens it will TRULY be a miracle! :)

Well, that's about it for now. Sorry again for the tardiness of this update. Half a year . . . meh . . . that's not TOO bad . . . :)

I will try, as I said, to update again sooner, and include some of the cool pictures I collected during my sojourn in NZ/AUS.




  1. C'mon Craig. Step it up. How could you possibly lack time to update your blog between your full time job, your second job, and your toddler?!

    Note: Tone does not transfer to text. This message should be read with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Thank you.

  2. Really looking forward to pictures from down under. Both countries are on my bucket list for sure.
    I can't seem to access your story on Spartan Games website. All links I could find are broken, including the one here on the blog. If you have a chance, please look into it?

    1. And it just occurred to me it's my browser's fault. It works in Ie but not in chrome. Sorry.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, since your last post, I only managed to START one of your book recomendations!
    Technically none, but I've started the Dresden files from book 1... I'm kookey like that!!!