Monday, September 12, 2011

Ghost Story

Jim Butcher's latest: Ghost Story. Great book. Not as good a story as Changes, I think, but it's all classic Butcher, and that's all good. Great banter, and emotional investment, and all wrapped up in the end with a nice diving board put on their for momentum into the next book . . . which promises to be spectacular! I am always amazed at his ability to bring all of his plot and subplot yarns together in a really satisfying bow at the end of each book.

My grade: A, because everyone needs to have room to grow! :)


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  1. Craig,

    I was put on to this series of books and the author in general after listening to the D6G podcast. I must thank you; I have not enjoyed a series of books as much as this in many years. The charcater growth and fleshing-out of the world are fantastic. Each time I pick up a Dresden book it is like re-visiting old friends.

    This latest book was a little harder to get started, however, rest assured. It ends with the usual Jim Butcher bang. I cannot wait for the next one!