Monday, September 12, 2011

The Horns of Ruin

Finished this book awhile ago, and REALLY liked it. It starts off . . . different than you'd expect, because it's setting up a more intricate world than you'd anticipate, and the fact that it's a totally different world, and not a 'steam-punked-up' alternate reality, there's some static at the beginning as your brain takes time to adjust. But once you do, it really does a good job.

I particularly liked the end, where a lot is implied, and mostly left to the reader to fill in on his or her own. An entire mythos is created, a unique magic/godhead formula over-arches the entire story, and seems to be ripe for future expansion.

I'd give this book an A-/A for myself, mainly because it took a little while to engage me. But that could easily have been my own brain not conforming to what the book was throwing to me . . .

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