Saturday, December 1, 2012

No Shave November

So, with the end of No Shave November . . . I get to shave!

My high school decided to jump on the Movember band wagon in our own way, and students and teachers pledged to raise money for various charities while avoiding razors for the entire month. Yesterday was November 30th, so we totaled up our donations and met for a publicity photo, and congratulated the winner . . . who was not me . . .

I was raising money for the Wounded Warriors Project, and shamelessly leveraged my play production, posting my fund raising bucket in the lobby with an array of signage created by my already-overworked students. I raised $286.60 for the cause, which wasn't close to what I was hoping, but was better than I feared.

I promised listeners who donated with a self-addressed stamped envelope that I would send them a picture of me with a beard . . . but no one took me up on that. So I figured . . . why not scare YOU lot with the pic?

Also, folks have been asking why I haven't blogged since May. Well, I HAVE been sort of busy . . . writing now for THREE different companies, and in the fall, during play production season, I always try to avoid work assignments . . . and they always find me. So this fall I had my 'real' job, I was also working on the play (an extra 15-20 hours a week), I was working on an assignment for FFG, and I signed my first full time contract with a company that is yet to go public, so I can't tell you its name . . . although I CAN say that they refer to themselves as the Dark Council . . . see how good your Google-fu is . . .

Anyway, this full time contract is AMAZING, and already it's resulted in more writing than I've done for all other work combined, and I'm only HALF way done my first assignment! When I'm finished, my first full assignment for them will equal MORE than the average word count of a first novel . . . pretty cool!

Also for the same company, I was hired to be the head writer for an entire SERIES of comic books! I had to go out and learn comic book script writing, but it was worth it! I'm now working with the artist (and the Dark Council, of course), on the artwork for the first issue, hopefully releasing on February 1st.

So, November was a CRAZY busy month! And December, as we approach our next HUGE deadline, promises to be even more crazy!

Sorry I haven't been more active here . . . but I'm probably going to HAVE to be for the near future . . . I'll keep you posted!

Until then, the above lovely picture of my full beard (moments before I'm about to go shave it off . . . itchy damned thing), and this little tidbit of information, must be enough: Google Jesse James Beasts of War . . .

Until later, guys, be well, and Happy Gaming!



  1. I'm scared, and scarred!
    But worth the $10.

  2. Dude to be honest, you need to get that beard again. Real heroes has a beard ;)