Saturday, June 1, 2013

Clear the Decks!

OK, see? Two posts in quick succession . . . almost Rapid Fire, if you will! :)

I am happy to say I have just submitted the Extra Life story, "For Want of a Bolt", to Neil at Spartan Games, which is officially the last assignment I had on my desk before starting in on the work for Honor Among Outlaws . . . which will begin today, as I set my mind to the initial outline!

I will most likely post the full story here eventually, as well as the story from last year, so I know where they can be found in the future, rather than having to send people searching through the Spartan Games website . . . 

In other news, our publisher has been hard at work peddling the concept of the series to book buyers from across the country this weekend at Book Expo: America in NYC, and initial reception to the genre, plot outlines, and cover arts has apparently been very positive, which is a VERY good thing! Thanks, Vincent and Winged Hussar/Zmok Books!

And finally, as I've mentioned in several places, the comic book, which was getting great buzz last weekend at Phoenix Comic-Con, would not in any way be possible without my INSANELY talented partner,  illustrator (and currently colorist AND letterer) Michael Nigro. Check out his work at the links below. I think I might try to get permission to occasionally post preview page proofs here, to offer a little more incentive to check the blog out every now and then.

Michael's Deviant Art Page

Michael's less-attentively-updated Personal Page

See . . . I think I've figured out how to make updates here more regularly: Make this part of my standard Procrastination Loop! Considering how much time I'm going to have to spend on my computer over the next 4 months . . . I could do at LEAST an update every day! :)

Well, that's about it for now. Onward to my outlines! Watch here for more news as things continue to develop!


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