Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Momentous Day!

So . . . it's been awhile. Longer than intended, of course. It's been an interesting few weeks, obviously. I got really sick . . . just a summer cold, but due to some complications based upon a few past unfortunate events, the common cold is not quite so common for me. Ended up at the doctor and everything . . . very unpleasant and slowed me down for a few days, but I'm back! :)

To answer the question I let you all with last time, YES, it DOES make it easier to start the next day when you leave something cool to continue the night before! I did that a lot to boost my productivity after that last post, in fact. It's hard, because quite often if it's cool, then I'm enjoying it, and I want to continue. But if I force myself to walk away with my juices still churning, so to speak, then it's easier the next day!

So . . . momentous day? I just finished the first draft of my first commissioned book! That's right, sitting right here in the back of the Biddeford Panera, I just typed the last word of the last chapter of Honor Among Outlaws.

My Vacation Office
That word, by the way, is currently 'labor' . . . but it's subject to change :)

So now I have two weeks to continue the process, editing and rewriting and polishing until we're all happy. I'm just aiming for "Not Too Horrible", so hopefully it'll all work out great.

It's been very interesting, and I've learned a lot, from many different people. The outline was INVALUABLE, and made it much easier, when the flow of chapters did not quite go the way I wanted, to rearrange things more to my satisfaction. In fact, I had to reverse two chapters at one point, and at another point I had to take half of one chapter and transpose it with half of another chapter, so the time flow made more internal sense . . . little things like that :)

I built up a huge collection of Wild West slang terms (and tragically over-used them in some chapters, underusing them in others, of course . . . to be addressed in editing), and a filing box of index cards of all the characters so I could chart their growth (and damage), their quirks, equipment, and abilities, so they stayed consistent throughout the book. I have Gena Robinson to thank for that particular trick (thanks, Gena!).

Anyway, so yeah, 109,715 words out of the target 80,000 to 100,000. Now, in addition to the editing, comes the defense portion, as the editor/publisher and I decide how much of that stays . . . I'm hoping most of it, although there are a few spots I think I got a little too wordy . . . which anyone who knows me won't be surprised with . . .

Well, I have to go get my double chocolate brownie to celebrate, and then head off to the beach. My son apparently went swimming in the ocean for the first time yesterday while I was here writing, and I'm taking the next day or so off to enjoy with my family, and hopefully coax my son back into the surf again today.

I'll let you all know (on the assumption you care), how the editing is going over the next two weeks, and then it's on to the next one! . . . I'm not sure I can do this . . .

Goodnight Desert Wastes!


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