Friday, November 8, 2013

No Good Deed . . .

Goes unpunished!

In a last-ditch attempt not to embarass myself with Extra Life 2013, I have caved in, and I'm offering another prize. This isn't as cool as the old prizes . . . but given the lack of timely fulfillment on the last one of those, at least THIS one will happen sooner! :)

I will be putting the name of each person who pledges on My Extra Life Page into a pool. Each person's name will go in once for each $10 donated. The lucky winner will be featured in my next novel, just long enough to die in some horrible way. So, this is your chance! Literary fans through the ages have donated HUNDREDS of dollars for just such an opportunity!

So, PLEASE think about tossing $10 or more into my total? ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the money donated goes DIRECTLY to Boston's Children's Hospital, almost IMMEDIATELY, without a single cent lost to bureaucracy or administration.

Hope to see you on my donor list, and thanks for reading!


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